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I couldn't think of a better name for my site


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Here are links to other websites that I like.  They're categorized by category.  If you don't like them, I don't care.

Nerdy Computer Stuff

Tom's Hardware Guide is a website that reviews computer hardware, and gives it a rating.  There's a great CPU comparison chart where you can choose two CPU's, a benchmark, and see how they stack up.  Also check the forums; there are some pretty funny threads.

Internet Explorer sucks.  Mozilla Firefox is less prone to viruses, and easier to use.  It has what's called tabs, so that you can have multiple web pages open in the same browser window.  Best of all, it's completely free.

Digg is a technology news website where the users submit stories, but rather than have editors choose which ones go on the front page, the users do by "digging" the story. There are some really cool stories.

Funny Videos

These guys smash operational pieces of technology, such as an iPod, laptop, Xbox, and even an Atari 2600. Their site has been up since December, and it already has 80,00 hits. Pure pwnag3.


It's a dog on a skateboard. I need not say more.


Here's a great site with tons of animations. It's where I got the animations that are on my homepage.

Get Firefox!