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I couldn't think of a better name for my site

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Here is my hobby.

I couldn't think of a hobby, so I decided to write about my horse hobby. Oh wait; that is my hobby.

Anyways, I like horses lots. Horses are large and pretty. I enjoy riding horses. Horses are fun and bouncy. When you are riding a horse, you need to be careful so that you don't fall off. If you're walking behind a horse, you need to be careful that the horse doesn't kick you, or that you don't step in horse droppings. If you're riding a horse up a mountain, be sure not to steer your horse off of a cliff.

Horses are dangerous, and I hate them. I'd never ride a horse. I love to ride cows. Cows are beautiful, make milk, and they taste super. Don't eat cows because you might get angry cow disease.

I like all kinds of fish; especially salmon. I like hiking in the mountains. When I am hiking in the mountains, I seek out a freshwater stream. Once I have found the stream, I jump in, and start looking for fish. Once I have seen a fish, I begin to run wildly after it, desperately trying to catch it with my hands. Usually, I am unsuccessful, and I don't even catch one fish, but sometimes I get lucky and catch one fish.

When I catch a fish, I take a bite of it. I don't cook it, because my mom tells me not to play with fire. I don't cut it up and make sushi because my mom tells me not to use knives. She says that I'm not trustworthy enough, and she won't let me babysit my older brother.

This is my horse, LongNeck.

When LongNeck is bad, I tie him to a tree and don't feed him for a week.

Here's a picture of me riding LongNeck.

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