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I couldn't think of a better name for my site

My Friends

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Here's my very best friend.  He enjoys invading small countries, driving his pickup truck around his ranch, and preaching to the country about terrorism and the war in Iraq.  Please welcome George Bush!


Oy vey!  Dick Cheney was here!  He thought that my second-best friend Big Bird was a quail, so he shot him!


Here's a picture of my lovely girlfriend, Lucille. I went out with Lucille last night. I took her quail hunting, and then for a ride through the forest in my pickup truck. Then we went to a NASCAR race. It was a lot of fun.

Lucille likes NASCAR, swimming, horses, and guys who live in a trailer. That's why she likes me so much.

It's Lucille, alright. Click on her for a link to a website explaining the redneck philosophy.

That's me in my snazzy quail hunting gear. It's a shame that Lucille's not in this picture.

My pride and joy: my pickup truck. She's a beauty, no?

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